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The guitar is a like a little orchestra. It has many voices that touch the heart. I focus on expressive playing of music from across the span of guitar repertoire from the 1700s to the 20th century, thoughtfully arranged to bring peaceful energy and praise to God. It is a joy to work with you to find the music that will create a special and memorable event for you.

I have been in love with the guitar since my mother brought me one she picked up in a market in Mexico back in 1974. After a couple years of plinking and playing around I was able to take lessons eventually learning from Don Koke at the Music Emporium in Eldorado, Kansas. One day I asked Don about learning fingerstyle guitar. He had an old classical guitar method book that he handed me, because I read music. I fell in love with the classical guitar and have been ever since.

I play for the joy of the music and the privilege to share that joy with others. At present I Northern VA and around the Washington DC area. Whether you want a house concert, music for a special event, accompanist, or someone to play a small ensemble, I would be delighted to be part of making your event special and memorable.


Christmas 2020 Album: Grace Given

Streaming on Soundcloud with select tracks below

Sample Recordings

Evocacion by Abel Carlevaro
Wayfaring Stranger (trad. arranged by Fred Hand)
Mary Did You Know

Additional audio recordings by John Moore

Dale que Va from Diego Maximo Pujol
An oldie but goodie for guitar fans – Jeux Interdits, or Spanish Romance
Color Sepiea by Diego Maximo Pujol
Fernando Sor’s Lyrical Study in Bm

Main photo courtesy of Susan Stoddard and It’s All About You Studios.

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